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Cochrane Temiskaming Infant and Child Development Program



600 Toke Street, Timmins, ON, P4N 6W1

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Phone 1: 705-267-8181 ext. 251
Fax 1: 705-264-4255


Cochrane and Temiskasing Districts


Charlton, Cobalt, Cochrane, Connaught, Earlton, Elk Lake, Englehart, Haileybury, Hearst, Hoyle, Iroquois Falls, James Bay Coast, Kapuskasing, King Kirkland, Kirkland Lake, Larder Lake, Mattice, Moonbeam, Moose Factory, Moosonee, New Liskeard, Porcupine, Ramore, Schumacher, Smooth Rock Falls, South Porcupine, Timmins, Virginia Town

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Manager: Pamela Stager


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Cochrane Temiskaming Resource Centre

Other Locations:

18 Aurora Avenue, Unit A
Cochrane, ON P0L 1C0
Phone: 705-272-2917
Fax: 705-272-2909
Includes: Cochrane, Iroquois Falls, James Bay Coast, Moosonee, Moose Factory, Smooth Rock Falls
7 Aurora Avenue P.O. Box 195
Kapuskasing, ON P5N 2Y3
Phone: 705-335-8300
Fax: 705-335-2522
Includes: Hearst, Kapuskasing, Mattice, Moonbeam
6 Tweedsmuir Road, 3rd floor, Box 144
Kirkland Lake, ON P2N 1H9
Phone: 705-567-3598
Fax: 705-568-8190
Includes: King Kirkland, Kirkland Lake, Larder Lake, Ramore, Virginia Town
60 Scott Street, Unit 2
New Liskeard, ON P0J 1P0
Phone: 705-647-7607
Fax: 705-647-5177
Includes: Charlton, Cobalt, Earlton, Englehart, Elk Lake, Haileybury, New Liskeard